One of the most common problems people experience in relationships is what Tina Charles sang about nearly forty years ago when she said “I love to love but my baby just loves to dance” which – when I heard it for the first time in 1996 – I asked my mother about and she explained that some people in relationships like to do fun things with their partners such as hang out, meet other people, jog together and things like that, while the other kind is overly romantic and prefers to spend the whole time engaged in activities of a highly sentimental nature, carefully charting the number of times terms of endearment have or haven’t been used this morning as they lie awake in the dark tying and untying the strings of what could go wrong.

Generally speaking, I guess it would be fair to say that the latter kind lives in a fragile world that consists of complicated and polarized emotions, which bores the other party who chooses to profess their feelings by other means and would rather spend the time sharing an experience at the same time their partner is taken up in some extreme romantic plot or another. In order to identify those who love to love, all you need to do is listen to them say “I Love You”, for which they have assigned a separate breath and surrounded with silence on both sides to convey gravity, while those who love to dance reply quickly and say I love you too baby but where are we eating tonight? Those who love to love are usually disappointed by such reactions and do their best to sound miserable as fast as they can so that the other party will be guilted by their own lack of reciprocation, and when they do and ask what’s wrong, there is nothing to atone their cool except an outburst of emotion that those who love to love decided they’re going to get by fair means or foul. Anyway, I personally love to love in the afternoons and love to dance in the evenings. Most of my girlfriends loved to love in the evening, which was a big problem in the administration of ardency. It’s a complicated affair balancing between the two, and I still kind of have a couple of follow-up questions on the matter but I can’t ask Tina Charles because she lives in the United States and I don’t know her personally, while my mother, who loved to dance, died and left behind all the dancing and the love and my pleading inquiries.