“theSkimm is a daily e-mail newsletter that gives you everything you need to start your day.”

When I first heard the word e-mail newsletter, I thought it was another spam newsletter that would unwantedly reach my inbox, and I end up deleting like the many others. But theSkimm turned out to be much better than that.

A few days back, I received an email from the founders, who are keen to know if their newer users have any feedback for them.

Since I loved their service, I decided to make the feedback public.

So what is theSkimm?

theSkimm is a daily morning newsletter that you start receiving to your email every morning (6 a.m. E.T.) after subscribing.

Just like a postman who used to deliver newspapers every morning to your door, theSkimm will throw at you their digital news bomb; but the way the news are packaged and presented is where the innovation lies.

The newsletter is divided into five different sections:

1-  A short ‘quote’ section, to get you started.

2- One main ‘news’ section with two or more sub-titles: rewritten in a fresh editorial way, as if it was your friend, telling you the headlines of the day over your morning coffee.

3- A 3rd section, and my favourite, called: ‘Repeat After Me…’. In this section, each subtitle is a question fabricated in the format of ‘what do you say to your friend who [this and that…]’ to give them a helpful answer related to the news being discussed under that section. So, basically, the question is reverse engineered to fit the content. Brilliant.

4- A ‘Birthdays’ section (I usually skip it); and

5- A short final fact section, called ‘Thing To Know’.

repeat after me- theskimm

What Pain Does it Solve?

New York roommates, Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin, who met studying abroad in Rome were both working with NBC news when they realized that the millennial generation is a fast moving one, and doesn’t have much time to read everything in the news, on a daily basis. With so much content out there, and little time on people hands, Carly & Danielle quit their jobs at NBC in 2012 and went on to co-found theSkimm, a daily major news summary, initially targeted at the ‘chic’ and busy working female millennials.


“We read. You Skimm”- theSkimm Founders

“[] it’s important to be well-rounded! No matter who you are or how educated you are, you’re going to have a group dinner at some point and people are going to be talking about something[].”,

says Carly in an interview with them.

“It’s about looking at everything that’s going on. Before we started theSkimm, we always talked to people who were super smart but would come to us and say, “What happened today? I’ve been so busy.”,

explains Danielle.

Why Does theSkimm Matter?

theSkimm, that has amassed over 1 million subscriptions till day, and millions of dollars in investment funding, is completely changing the landscape of morning news. While they were told email was dead,  the founders proved that the medium mattered less compared to the quality of the content being delivered, and most importantly a well-thought solution being delivered to the user.

Will theSkimm be partnering soon with Facebook and deliver social content? Will it be acquired by a giant media company? Will it keep sending emails to its millions of subscribers? Little does it matter, as long as it can summarize for me the news accurately every morning.

Thank you Vicky B. for the heads up about theSkimm.