The open field of possibilities is lying legs open on your bed. What if you chase the next little rock you kicked all the way to the corner, and past that even? What if the next stranger who sends you a strange message at night is the only other person besides you who really understands and appreciates the true meaning of the dedication some random writer made at the preface of his random book? What if, when a car stops next to you tomorrow in the morning and you hear a song you love, you asked the woman who’s driving to lower her window in order for you to tell her your deep thoughts about the song and what the writer really meant? Would she follow you and would it turn out later that she also stargazes and knows the words to “The End Of The World” and loves tea? Not in this bitch of a life, it seems. Your best bet in this world is that, when someone calls you repeatedly and you insist not to answer, they’ll send you a text message with exactly the words you don’t want to hear. In the same order.


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