The world needs all kinds of thinkers, but when thinking strikes you with its common sense, humor, and an entertaining wit, it is worth stopping by.

Below are 7 Lebanese minds that will entertain you in that sense, and most likely irreversibly impact the way you think about life and social topics.


imad bazziImad is “changing lebanon 1KB at a time” (@TrellaLB). He is an award-winning cyber activist, and currently radio show host at AlJadeed FM (90.3 FM). His Facebook statuses are mostly in Arabic; on Twitter he alternates between English and Arabic.

Personal Story: I first met Imad in the offices of Donner Sang Compter in 2012; it’s funny that he had to introduce himself as ‘Trella’ (his digital nickname), and it was only then that I recognised him as one of my twitter folks. The beauty of the online world.

You can follow Imad here:

Facebook: imad.bazzi  (recommended)
Twitter: @TrellaLB


gino raidyGino is the famous writer behind Gino’s blog. He is a sharp mind, and gained himself a special place in the Lebanese digital community. I mostly love Gino’s opinions because of the practical and positive window they shine from. He is a self-identified libertarian, atheist, and ‘militant biologist’. Listening to Gino will enrich your mind with perspectives on controversial topics and often make you reconsider. Expect anything from internet policies and human rights, to cool technical topics, and religious and dogmatic social beliefs from the middle east and the rest of the world.

You can’t but notice how much of a social evangelist Gino is when it comes to speaking his mind out, and his determination to impact this place with his social Darwinistic beliefs. On a lighter note, you also gotta love his instagram feed, as he takes time capturing constructive shots from around his life, and embellishing them with an aesthetic final touch.

You can follow Gino here:

Facebook: ginoraidy  (recommended)
Instagram: GinoRaidy (recommended)
Twitter: @GinoRaidy


karl sharroKarl is a London-based Lebanese architect, satirist and commentator on the Middle East culture and politics. His famous blog, Karl reMarks, one of the most viral lebanese blogs, has been featured in The Guardian, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, the BBC, Public Radio International, Al-Jazeera, The Daily Star, and Al Monitor. If you like American The Onion  kind of satire, you will totally relate to Karl reMarks. He rips lebanese issues apart with an amazing sense of humor and an educated embedded message on how our societies should rather get their act together. He is a beautiful reminder that satire may be the most underrated means of education and social reform.

You can find Karl here:

Facebook: Karlremarks (recommended)
Twitter: @KarlreMarks


Joumana Haddad Joumana is a an Award winning journalist and poet, women rights advocate, and a prominent thought leader on secularism and sexual freedom in the Arab world. Her opinions are often perceived as controversial, especially as a woman voice out of the Arab world. She’s been selected as one of the world’s 100 most powerful Arab women in March 2014 by CEO magazine Middle East for her cultural and social activism.

I believe Joumana is the kind of inspiration and aspiration that all Arab women should look up for; the day Arabs reach that level of thinking, they would rule the world.

You can follow Joumana here:

Facebook: JoumanaHaddadOfficial (recommended)
Twitter: @Joumana333


nasri atallahNasri is a British-Lebanese author, publisher, and producer. In addition to his career in creative fields, Nasri was the writer behind Our Man in Beirut blog, in which he criticized social issues in Beirut. The blog’s success led for the compilations to be published in a book, Our Man in Beirut. He is currently working on his second book, a novel on secrecy and deceit in Mediterranean societies (April 2015). You can catch his social opinions on his facebook page and twitter account. I always find his views interesting and constructive.

You can find Nasri here:

Facebook: nasri.atallah (recommended)
Twitter: @NasriAtallah
Personal Website:


Lana El SahelyLana is a freelance stylist, and the founder of L’ Armoire De Lana, the fashion portal that is growing more famous among regional and global fashionistas. I am usually not big on fashion portals in the sense of checking each designer’s collection in and out, but as author Yara Zgheib beautifully  puts it, there is a thin line between a bon vivant and a bon viveur. While a bon viveur is a self-centered pleasure seeker who leads a hedonistic life of waste and overindulgence, a bon vivant takes pleasure in good wine, good food, and satin sheets, not because they are expensive, but because life is too precious not to. That is exactly how Lana makes you feel through her life and work around fashion and luxury. I particulalry love Lana’s instagram for the touch of classy glamour she spreads online, as a fashion trendsetter, good liver, and a girl dedicated to her passion of living through the art of looking good and feeling well.

You can follow Lana here:

Instagram: larmoiredelana (recommended)
Facebook: larmoiredelana
Twitter: @LanaSahely



Rabih SalloumWhen I first met Rabih at his once lovely bar on Gemmayze St., The Mansion, he was wearing black eye liner, as he often did apparently. I asked him “why are you wearing eye liner?”, he replied “why are you wearing eye liner?” I said: to look pretty. He said “me too”. Rabih is that kind of mind who doesn’t like to fit into any bland societal norms, because anyway, who should.

Rabih is a fiction writer with an ongoing PhD in Philosophy, ex-model and -lead singer of *Slutterhouse*, the 2006 formed Lebanese electronic pop duo based between Beirut and Paris. His facebook posts will wake you up to a burst of deep loud hearty laughter and entertain you with a smart sarcasm about the Lebanese society and the world. Seriously, never a dull moment.

You can follow him here:

Facebook: rabih.salloum (recommended)
Twitter: @salloumrabih
Instagram: SalloumRabih


A final thought:  if you tell me who you follow on social media, I tell you who you are;

& At the end,  ‘It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it’.

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