*Looks in the mirror with her underwear on*

Let me see, I haven’t eaten much in two days, only that hot dog sandwich and corn flakes bowl.

I lost some weight but my tits are huge and hanging there like two big pouches *lifts her breasts a little*.

Holy shit, the stretch marks around my hips look disgraceful.

Suzan said that if I work out hard enough, it will go, and that’s what she did as well.

A few more kilos and I can wear size 10. Jessica Alba has the perfect body: firm boobs, straight stomach and beautiful hips.

I’m invited to that prom at Nina’s school tonight. There will be lots of food. Remember, you are on a diet!

*Goes to party*

Nina: “I’m going to the buffet, would you like me to get you a plate with me?”

“No, I’m fine.”

I’m not fine, I’m starving. Okay, what to do, what to do?

I’m gonna wait until everyone leaves the buffet and settles down to eat.

Meanwhile, I’ll go have a cigarette outside to waste some time.

*10 minutes later in the bathroom with two full plates with a huge variety of food.* *She locks the door*

Okay you gotta make this fast before anyone notices your disappearance. Eat,eat, eat. FASTER!

*10 minutes later. Finger in mouth, hugs the toilet*

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