It is 5pm in Dubai, and you’re dead tired again. You can’t wait to leave the office and get home to get some rest. You wish you’re a millionaire and could spend your days on the beach. But life is a bitch. Wake up every day and face that reality. An office of people that you can barely relate to 90% of them. Morning traffic and hard work all day. And cherry on top, there he is. The man with the yellow car. You hop in and there it is. The yellow car with the smell again.
*Dubai Marina please*.
And when you’re just about to chill for a ride back home, a nearly life ending accident flashes before your eyes. *Are you freaking serious? You almost killed me! Wth is wrong with you*. *Can you put the music on? Also, open your eyes from now on and make sure we reach safely. I never planned to die young. Especially not in a car with you.*
Two miles and a few safely survived bumps later, your famous driver, none other than the guy who almost killed you gets stuck on a road that seems light years away from home. *Is this traffic or am I having sin city flashbacks. Oh my effing god…* Twenty minutes pass, and you’re barely half way through. The radio still on, luckily making life a little easier. At least Adele is entertaining you. *hello? It’s me… I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…*. You wander your way out of this world, back to that night with her on the balcony, contemplating whether she also thinks of you when she hears this song. But then the phone rings. His phone. Not even yours. He starts talking in his native tongue. For a minute, two, ten. You just can’t believe how rude he is. Not only had he turned down the music; he’s been blubbering for an hour in a language you don’t get. More than your girlfriend would ever talk to you. And while waving your eyes outside the window you realize that he lost his way.
*Man! where did you go? I said Marina. You just missed the exit. Now guess what? Your stupidity is taking us to Abu Dhabi instead*. *Mind you, I’m not paying that fare difference. Just in case you were trying to be smart and make some extra cash off my daily sweat.*
*No problem sir. I just stopped the meter.*. *Good, thank you; now get me home because it’s been a damn unbelievable ride.*
–24hrs later–
It’s 5pm again.
A yellow car shows up to take you home. Inside it sits a 40 year old man. He’s been driving for the last 14 hours. Woke up at 4am. Had to listen to Adele, and Kanye West, to Nancy Ajram and Nicki Minaj. Radio choices of 49 other customers like you. He did have lunch, but unlike you, in his car. For the last 14 hours shower was not an option. His family back home missed him, and so did he. But unlike you his wage didn’t allow him to visit them since last year. He has been trying to catch up on their lives through the phone while driving you. Just like you, he also wished he didn’t lose his way. He’s had it before and been yelled at. But the roads keep trapping him. It’s not easy to navigate his way in a city where roads change every day. He’s also tired and can’t wait to go home. But unlike you, he has to keep driving and pick up another customer, tired, careless, and ready to fire at him.
Life for your driver is a bitch too. Happiness for him is a smooth and safe landing at home too. Beauty for him is care too.
The question is could you be the one who’s better off and extend that care for once or two?