The little five-year-old stands at my door, looking at me carefully.

“What do you want?” I say with a strict voice.
“I want to watch Pinocchio” answers the little one.
“Go to the living room and wait there for me.” I reply.

The little one stares at me with big eyes. “Am I talking to myself? I said GO!” I raise my voice. The child runs to the living room.

Minutes later: “Are you coming?” calls the little one.  “For God’s sake! FINE!!! I’ll be right there” I shout.

“Alright! What do you want to watch?!!” I ask with an angry tone. “Pinocchio” answers the little one and looking at me as if she’d asked for a crime.

I play the movie on TV “Here is your freaking Pinocchio, alright?!! You happy now?! Anything else?!!!”

The little one shakes her head. I go back to my room.

*Sipping from a glass* you were so small back then, just a little child. What would a little kid at that age want? Perhaps, some love and attention?

All you asked for was a cartoon movie to watch when no one else was around at home except me.

It wasn’t wrong from you to ask for it or even wanting to play with me. I only pretended to appear busy to avoid you.

All my frustrations, jealousy, and anger were let out on you. It’s not your fault, nor your problem.

I’m sorry for what I have done or said to you.

There were times when I lay my head in tears on that little body of yours and you would play with my hair and kiss me.To this day, despite my harsh treatment, you still embrace me everyday with so much warmth and yet I stand like a stone with cold marbles inside my chest.

*Resting head on the edge of the table*

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