The world is now our office.  The barista in our corner cafe is our office coffee-maker.  Our meeting room can be a picnic table next to the beach.  Mobiles & laptops liberate us from the mundane office cubicle, but does being connected all the time harm our health? Does it chain us in place and encourage us to stay sitting, accumulating pounds? Technology has always promised more efficiency, more uptime, more speed, more entertainment.   Now, it may finally be the catalyst to a more healthy work dynamic.


Source: Microsoft

The next generation computing experience promises to get us on our feet and burn calories.  It is surely not the Iwatch; it is Microsoft Hololens. If you still haven’t seen what a Hololens-like technology can do to our life dynamics, please check this video:

Microsoft Hololens:

Since the dawn of modernity — before iPads were a twinkle in Steve Jobs eye — the modern organization of life has been centered around sitting.  In the industrial school, children were forced to sit quietly in class, attentive and alert.  Adults dreamed of ditching a working mans job waiting tables or hauling bricks for the honor of a cubicle.  Sitting was a sign you had made it.   But the alarm bells from science have been blaring for a while now telling us sitting was a path to illness:  Is Sitting the New Smoking?

In comes standing desk. All the rage in progressive office design circles — the standing desk is increasingly buzzed about and the answer to the fat building chairs in our life.  But look around — the world is designed to let us sit. Sitting is a sign of luxury and status.  We fight over tables in Starbucks.  We agonize over our seats in the theater.  We love luxurious chairs, comfortable sofas and plush car seats — all allowing us to expend no energy at all beyond flicks of the wrist or foot.   Our obsession with checking facebook updates and twitter hashtags has only encourage more and more sitting, not less.

Virtual reality may finally be the radical change in the way we interact with the digital hive that gets us on our feet. By creating a split reality in our living rooms (please watch the above video if you still haven’t)– where we can lay out Angry Birds in front of us on the table — the promise of virtual reality may decouple our bodies from the couch and gets us on our feet.   Serious computer geeks who are notorious for being fat and unsexy — may be the new fitness kings.  Immersive technology may be the answer to blatant unhealthy obesity, and help us burn calories without even trying.