It’s the story of a man from Gaffney who was raised in the ordeal of life. He grew up to an alcoholic dad and a sad soul who failed to secure to his folks dignity, pride, and the basic privileges of life; his mom used to clean houses – because she was white she was deemed less likely to steal, but she did.
The unsheltered man walked the miles of life like an abandoned sheep. He learnt the rules of survival very early- mostly one rule; eat or get eaten. And that was exactly how the sheep turned wolf.
He was undeniably smart, ambitious, and increasingly resilient to the hardships of the road. With those qualities, he succeeded to gain the heart of a young, smart, beautiful, and wealthy girl. She believed in him and invested her trust, money, power, and youth. Her support put him forward and together they walked the steps of life, ever stronger. They renewed their vows every 7 years to keep their lifetime commitment promise they once did to each other. To make her feel that she married a man good enough for her, he did everything to escalate the ladder of power. For him, she was not just the wife, but the relentless partner who backed him, empowered him, and without question supported him. She did that not just for him, but to support her own agenda of being a woman of power and not just the wife of a man she loved and married. She did it for herself as much as he did it for her. They did not want a child. Their legacy was their only child. Children were seen as obstacles to correcting their imperfections, and becoming who they wanted to be. Somewhere deep inside, he never felt enough for her; and with her ambitious glair she succeeded to consolidate that feel in him. He killed, manipulated, manslaughtered, betrayed and ruthlessly succeeded to make her the first lady of the United States of America. It was for her that he became the president of the USA. He hoped that would be enough not just to alleviate the pain of where he came from, but to forever impress the woman he loved ‘more than sharks love blood.’

Was it enough?

The man who married a strong partner forgot that for her, satisfaction was not his own sacrifices to please her; that was supposed to come as granted. Her real satisfaction was to equally succeed and forge her own agenda in the world. Something that was not possible as part of his game to become the powerful man he wanted to be for her.
The game turned against the player. To please her, he found himself sacrificing her. He failed to understand that in life, you can not be with a strong partner and expect an uneven partnership. Or just because you have become the president you have fulfilled their dreams. Two strong forces must find Alliances that equally serve their ambitions to thrive, or they fail to co-exist.
The picture started getting clear, and the woman understood that the legacy she was pursuing was not real. It was a vicious cycle she had entered since the day she married Francis Underwood. He was forever going to chase her acceptance, and for that she had to sacrifice everything.

him her
And that is how one day, Claire Underwood, the first lady of the United States left everything, and parted on a way where she is no longer slave of the man-wanna-be, as she realized she was playing someone else’s game alone.

Somewhere inside I hope though she understands how desperately he tried to gain her acceptance.
And how many lessons we all learnt from his diplomatic, ruthless, and somewhat glorious journey in his fight for her heart.

After all, it has always been about love, ego, and acceptance; politics and everything else remain collateral details.




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