According to the latest  ‘Worldwide Cost of Living’ survey 2015, a bi-yearly study prepared and published by The Economist Intelligence Unit,

– Singapore remains the most expensive city in the world, followed by Paris, Oslo, and Zurich:

Ten Most Expensive Cities 2015


– Karachi (Pakistan) is the world’s cheapest city for 2015, and here’s the rest of the list:

The World Cheapest Cities 2015

Study highlights:


1- An unchanged top five: the latest ranking delivers no changes among the top five cities. In fact, the reassertion of an identical top five comes with a stronger US dollar, and weaker euro pushing euro zone cities back down later in 2014.

2- Asia gets pricier as Europe remains expensive. 

3- New York continues to rise. A stronger dollar and localised inflation mean that New York is continuing to become pricier compared with other locations.

4- Cheapest cities reflect low costs in South Asia

5- London, New York, & Dubai are not in the top 10!
The Economist- Cities- 2015




For the full data and study methodology, the original publication can be found here.