Fly and let the world see through you,

Fly and unleash the awesome inside you,

Fly for a world vision you had when you were five,

and the righteousness of holding on to your dream.

Fly if you can, but mostly fly if you think you can’t,

Fly for you, and those who couldn’t,

Fly for the noblesse of your human kind.

Fly, because it is the only path you want to take,

and Fly because you have been left with no better paths to take,

Embrace your inner grace and inner fears, and Fly.

Fly, for the tears you versed yesterday when you couldn’t fly,

Fly, for the loud laughter you had and wish to keep and multiply,

Fly for all the obstacles you see in this world,

but mostly fly for what you believe we can together overcome.

Fly for the NGO you want to start,

or the mobile app that won’t tear us apart,

Fly to keep the world green instead of grey,

Fly to educate the youth how not to stray,

Fly to empower the old in their remaining day,

Fly to design a suit that can make you fly,

Fly to match people with their dreams,

Fly to meet a partner, and a soul mate.

Fly, because you didn’t have the chance to see the world,

Fly, for a black swan that you still haven’t encountered,

Fly to seek help, but mostly to help, and

Fly because you’re running out of days.

Fly for the gut feeling that tomorrow might not get better,

and the nibbling fear of going through life unachieved.

Fly, for the energy in your mornings, and the sadness of some nights,

Fly because, if you think about it, it is the reason why you were born,

why you woke up early everyday, why you worked hard at night,

why you missed family gatherings, why you stood all the pain.

It is the flying and never caring that kept you going.

Fly for the lame pursuit of happiness,

Fly to be seen, but mostly to help the world see through you.

Fly, for you can change the world when you fly.

Fly, and if you bump into me in your skies, hold my hand, and teach me how higher to fly…