Happiness is a bitch. We all want it. But a happy society is hard to achieve. Do we ever realize how far we are from  it? What is a happy society?

A happy society is:

– brands that integrate themselves into our lives’ needs, instead of interrupting us to sell us a product we don’t need.
– A corporate culture where an employee  is a partner, not a hire, and their goal and passion in life align with the vision of the company they are driving to every morning.
– An education system that shapes learning to every individual instead of forcing them to fit into one curriculum that fits none.
– health not just as insurance or treatments, but part of every day’s process, including the healthy vegetables we eat and the stairs we climb.
– a life that is more about experimentation than stability
– roads that act as carriers not killers
– life that has a driving, consuming purpose, not profit numbers,  charts, or investors quarterly reports
– a book we get time to write
– a lover we don’t care whether we marry on paper or not
– a country that has benefits more than taxes
– and new generations being educated on the religions of love, acceptance, and openness to the other.

Is it really that hard to get there?