The Socio/Log is a publication offering a mix of reporting and commentary on social and cultural issues, science, technology, and business, along with fiction, and poetry.

With so much happening around us, we aim to provide our reader with a social dialog that matters.

Targeting the progressive millennial generation of the Middle East, we cover stories mainly from the region, and occasionally shed the light on global trending issues.



This publication was born out of our love for philosophy and good reads.  In 2010, Nancy started blogging about thoughts that never left her mind. Relationships, happiness, and technical changes that can improve the systems around us.
After four years, she decided to create The Socio/Log, as a collaborative publication that now gathers opinionators from the region and beyond.
We welcome your thoughts, comments, and requests to contribute.

For more info, please get in touch via your preferred channel:

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Email: nancy@thesociolog.com