One day, our kids will sit together and chat our era up. I would have loved to say our grand-kids, but change is now much faster than that. Radical generational divide has come down to barely ten years. I, for example, can completely not relate to why today’s teenagers perceive Snapchat as a pleasurable experience. I could barely bear it for ten minutes. It is highly likely for our adult children to look back at our era with a laugh on its lifestyles and habits.

An era where feelings used to be expressed in likes, shares, and emoticons.

They will laugh because, in their era, they will be virtually hugging and massaging each other, through connected devices.

An era of explosive opinion sharing. If anything our era will be remembered for, it is not the internet, ipads, or Google driver-less cars, it is rather the democratization of voices,  and a larger than ever diversity of choices and opinions around us.
They will be laughing because in their era, their academic tracks will integrate studies on community opinions, as well as technical skills development on how to weed out irrelevant ones through smarter semantic algorithms.

An era of soap opera stories through a ‘last seen’ stamp: “my mom and dad were so funny”, they will say, “they used to fight over a last-seen situation”. They will be laughing because in their age, stalking lovers up will be through drones or street built-in cams with access to unlimited streaming through an affordable membership

The era of the rise of entrepreneurship, where people were seen brave to start their own business.
They, will be by default freelancers or entrepreneurs.
They will be working from their own rooms, collaborative spaces, or clinics. Even surgeries will be done virtually. Meetings, admin work, designing, showcasing, will all be from the comfort of their own space, run virtually on cloud servers or some new data bubble that links businesses all together.
They will only have to leave their spaces to meet a friend for a drink or if a client really insisted to meet in person. They will be healthier and happier due to more flexible lifestyles. Long working hours will be intertwined with a post-lunch nap or an afternoon jog with their beloved ones.

– As much as we laugh about ‘mirc‘ from our teenage, they will be laughing at our era where people still seemingly hitchhiked their lovers through a or tinder-like app.
They will probably have algorithms to match them with a partner based on their previous experiences,  restaurants visited, shops they buy their clothes from. Big data would have figured out their inclinations and minimized their choices to a nearly perfect list of matches.

The era where space travel was still experimental and spaceships kept crashing, or failed to land safely. They, would have already visited space on a touristic interstellar carrier, run by a company led by their era’s Steve Jobs.

And finally, our era will not miss to be remembered for religious extremism, where people killed and people died in the name of man-made holy figures. That, I’m not sure how it would have played out in their era. Our technological advances seem to come and go but somehow, throughout centuries,  control of nations through extremist ideologies, seems to naturally persist.