Wedding seasons crush my soul. They remind me how we grew up, new generations were born, people died, and how suddenly, all our childhood friends became married; and mainly, how history keeps repeating  itself.

You know, we go to those weddings, we dance, we cheer, we savour gourmet food, we raise toasts, and the world keeps growing in population.

But the best part is when I attend our Arab weddings; which always remind me that for a reason our Arab weddings are confused with Halloween parties.

To all Arab women, wedding feast-goers:

A wedding is a feast where we are supposed to be celebrating the union of two people. Dressing up for a wedding doesn’t mean you need to look like someone else. Your hair should be as close as possible to who you are in real life, your make up should not reflect other than the natural beauty of your skin, lips, and eyes, and most importantly, your attitude should not be fake. Dance, cheer, let your hair loose, and let your beauty shine through your simplicity and happiness, because today you are anything but the goddess of the party; and that feast is certainly not a Halloween party.