Human minds tend to waver between the instinct and the reason, their love to the self and their love to the other, their inner beauty and their inner beast. When looking at the bigger picture, this contradiction shines so bright.

Big minds get exhilarated by mysterious people and chase them to the end. And when the sun rises, they claim they prefer clarity and transparency,

We, society, judge and bash what lies out of our norms. And when the sun rises, we encourage people to go after whatever makes them happy (YOLO!),

We tell people they can be whatever they want to be; and when they do so we call them “wanna-bes”,

Big companies destroy the environment by the night. And when the sun rises, they sponsor funding campaigns to save the environment,

Men and women fall so bad for the looks. And when the sun rises, they try to remind their logic that it’s all about the inner beauty.

Big countries send their missiles to kill the kids by the night, and when the sun rises they send funding initiatives to alleviate the sorrow of their parents.

The contradiction of thoughts and behaviors is obviously what we practice every day; it has a name, it is called politics, and survival of the fittest.

Maybe the fittest of us, however, are those who were able to turn this competition-driven hypocrisy into collaboration.