Maybe it’s time to have a few words about smartwatches, and why they do not make a great case for the future of mobile.


Factor One: Smartwatches have such small screens.

Moving from laptops to phone screens was already a downgrade to our eyes, causing a large amount of users to suffer from eye problems, eye wrinkles, and headaches. Using a smartwatch with a screen size of the ones currently in the market would be a suicide to our vision.  While our eyes were shooting for augmented reality and wide screens, we gave them tiny frames on a hand wrist.

Factor Two:  Smartwatches are already an outdated tech trend.

Somehow, there is an odd similarity between smartwatches and Prince Charles, who waited forever to get to the throne, and when time came, it was already his son’s turn.

I’m afraid smartwatches already sound like an old generation as glass-like generations of mobile will replace it before it sees light.
We should definitely be more excited about the bionic lenses, Mission Impossible 4 and Terminator style.

Factor Three: Smartwatches are redundant.

If you have played around with a smartwatch, you can tell already that it is a device that is highly dependent on your phone, quickly kills its battery, and has very few functions to be considered a completely independent tech device.

Unless a device is really useful and indispensable, buying it is called mindless consumerism, and contributes to e-waste and global warming more than the user’s personal welfare.

If you really wish for a smartwatch, you may want first to give a thought to the above aspects of a smartwach.