Don’t leave yet. Running a business in today’s world requires many skills: team leadership, familiarity with technical tools, and mostly thinking with a structure.
Structure is the hardest thing to find, outside systems like schools and big corporates. Yes bureaucracy sucks culture out of the corporate culture and we need a new way of living and achieving but structure remains the underlying power of any thinking process.

To go from small to big, you need structure.
To run a productive meeting, you will need the structure that lays out the problem to be addressed during the meeting, what needs to be prepared before meeting, and what are the major points you want to achieve from a meeting.
To think of a solution for a strategic obstacle in your business, you will need the structure of asking what is the problem I’m trying to solve.
To set a business process you will need the structure to identify the different variables and components of the process, and how to build the relation between them.
To address an imminent issue in your day-to-day operations, you will need the structure to think of what is the first piece of insight I need, who to contact to get it, and who to pass it on to in order to close my issue.

While you may think that building a business can rely on other people skills once you get the resources to hire them, remember you’re the first one to setup that business and take it from scratch to reality. If your initial infrastructure is not well structured so will your growth be, or thereof the lack of it.

If you think your structure is not there yet, then don’t quit yet.
Remember, jobs and schools (mostly graduate) teach structure. If anything, it’s the best thing they actually do.