As Gen Y folks, most of us hit our 20s with a fair amount of knowledge about information technology, at least what could do the job of changing our computer and phone settings, or set-up a research project. More sophisticated analytical programs came down the road, which most of us learned to use in college to analyse data, run spreadsheets, rock the professor. Unfortunately I see an awful lot of women still stuck at that stage.

Mobile and data revolution is no longer a niche industry, and women can no longer claim to either be fashionistas or techies; in fact one aspect can support the other. A good example on that are the fashion blogging ladies who smartly leveraged social media strategies on platforms such as instagram and tumblr to go viral; Regardless whether their strategies involved lightly thought selfies or a smartly created content, the goal to market their fashion brand or portfolio was well reached.

The term ‘tech industry’ by itself is no longer correct. As tech is now disrupting every single industry, it has turned into an enabling layer into all verticals, and is now a horizontal rather than a vertical; and gone are the days where information technology merely means a computer or a chip developed by Intel. Much beyond that, IT is now the app that wakes you up in the morning, the program that is likely to cook your meals, the app you flirt on with your boyfriend, and most importantly it is everything you use daily at work.


Hence, it is by far time to stop calling it ‘a boy thing’, and dive all in. Especially if you would like to shine in your career, by either reducing inefficiencies for the company you work for, championing a project as an intrapreneur, or even going all the way on your own, don’t even think you can at any point today or in the future do it without a deep understanding of how the tech world around you is evolving.

This brings me back to a good thought on HBR’s  “For Innovation, Invest in Two Kinds of Education” which beautifully highlights that innovation mostly comes from how current in your field you are.

Unfortunately there is no advancement in any field that is happening without the intervention of IT. So, ladies, please let us catch up today, and not fall forever in the abyss of a gender who never knew how to combine Fashionable with Savvy.