I always hear people talking about the importance of asking the right questions, in order to get the right answers, especially in business.

The world of absolute uncertainty in which we live puts us in a constant state of questioning. But the problem is that questioning without really looking for the answers only fosters a state of confusion,  a constant blindness,  and most importantly the lack of vision.

All we need is reading- TEDx At the TEDxBeirut 2012 Speakers event that took place in Beirut last November, attendees were asked a theme question about what they think we need for a better world; I said *Reading*.

As many problems plague our current world, we find that bigotry-driven intolerance is a common trigger for most.

The beauty of seeking knowledge lies in the fact that each unfolded information brings a new layer of thinking to our minds, and more understanding about the diversity of perspectives for a single issue. So, as people indulge into reading and seeking knowledge, they become more tolerant to how others think and believe and instead of attacking their difference, they try to build upon it to paint a more colorful picture of the world.

Reading,  however, without trying to get the insight out of the content is like collecting data without analyzing it.
I don’t believe people are born visionary. I believe visions are created over a lifetime by the process of connecting the dots between multiple floating ideas. So the fewer the dots or data points, the weaker the ability to create a vision. The way to get there is by flooding our system with facts and figures to give it the ability to weave the whole picture.

Because we don’t know what we don’t know, we think we know it all. Although more knowledge brings more uncertainty, it empowers its holder with the ability to develop more comprehensive answers, and to seek to answer more questions. It’s a positive loop.

There ought not to be anything more miserable than a soul that lives without a vision, drowning in darkness.
Hatred,  rapes, wars, murders, are all the consequences of psychological issues rooted in ignorance.
When parents raise their kids in a firm and mind oppressing environment instead of love and opennnes, kids turn later into intolerant haters.
When parents raise their kids on the ignorant denial of their body’s natural sexual needs, kids turn later into oppressed rapists.
When society bullies teens for being non conformists, teens turn suicidal, and/or sociopath.

At the event, there were many answers to what we possibly need, things like imagination, friends, love, tolerance, and more. But somehow being knowledgeable seems to be the answer to all the needs above.

Finally, Here is a question: did *Reading* this article add something new to your perspectives, or give you a new question to think about?

Otherwise, what is your answer to: All we need is…..?

Books give you a better perspective